Welcome to the Chosen campaign!

This campaign is based on the Testament setting by Green Ronin and uses the rules from the Pathfinder game system. Rules applicable to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game can be found here.

The game will be played using the Fantasy Grounds 2 online gaming system. You need to download an unregistered copy of the Fantasy Grounds system which is available here. An unregistered version is fine for this campaign, you would need a registered lite version to play in other Fantasy Grounds games.

This is a low magic setting, at least for the player characters. . . Characters in Chosen are members of the twelve tribes of Israel. They have been chosen by the God of Israel; they did not choose Him. Although they live in a world where other gods and magic exist and offer alluring benefits, they risk His wrath if they embrace the idols and magic of their neighbors. You have been warned.

The game is set late in the period of the Judges. The history of the judges has not yet been written, but much of their story is known. The tale of the founding of Israel is recorded in the books of the Torah.